Sakuragaoka Dojo: Summer Camp 2018 from June 15. - 17.

This unique seminar camp offers intensive training in a small group, socializing and enjoying freshly cooked food, prepared by Akita Sensei.

The motto of the course is 発見 - "hakken" (Jap. "to discover, find out"). It is a great opportunity to discover yourself and find out the importance of the fundamental basics of Shotokan Karate.

As always, the event has a limited number of participants - please feel free to register soon by sending us your completed application form.

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Sakuragaoka Kangeiko & Winter Course 2019: 17. -19. January.

Please save the date for our next Winter event in Limburg.

Here you can find further details. For downloading the flyer for Saturday, please click on the image:

In our
photo gallery, you can find some impressions of this year´s course.

And in
Akita´s Dojo, our YouTube channel, you can watch the videos on the event. Please visit and subscribe:



JAPAN Tour 2018: 21.07. - 03.08. organized and guided by Shinji Akita. Experience 13 unforgettable days of sightseeing and Karate training in the motherland of Budo. For further information, please contact us.

In Akita´s Dojo, our Youtube channel, you can find a little "appetizer" video for the tour. Just click:

Other upcoming events

(for seminars with Akita Sensei in Germany, please visit our section "Aktuelles" 
or the event calendar)

07. / 08.04.18:                         Weekend Seminar with Shinji Akita in Giussano, Italy (information)
07. - 12.05.18:                One week seminar with Shinji Akita in Calgary, Canada (information)

19. - 21.05.18:                         Pentecost Seminar with Senseis JP. Fischer, JM. Blanchard & S. Akita in                                                  Pénestin, France (information)

15. - 17.06.18:                         Summer Camp in Shinji Akita´s Dojo in Limburg, Germany. Limited                                                 number of participants (information). Please send us your application form.

30.6. / 1.7.18:                          Weekend Seminar with Senseis H. Matsuda, S. Russo & S. Akita in Gières, France
                                                (information). SKAI International Tournament
15. / 16.09.18:                         Weekend Seminar with Shinji Akita in Einsiedeln, Switzerland (information)
06. / 07.10.18:                         Weekend Seminar with Shinji Akita in Sandy, Bedfordshire, UK (information)
27. / 28.10.18:                         Weekend Seminar with Shinji Akita in Latina, Italy (information)
26.11. - 01.12.18:                    One week seminar with Shinji Akita in Calgary, Canada (information)
08. -09.12.18:                          Weekend seminar with Shinji Akita in Essen, Belgium (information)

SAKURAGAOKA Kangeiko & Winter Course 2017 with Shinji Akita and special guest instructors Sensei Keigo Shimizu and Sensei Toyofumi Fukushima.

Here are the pictures of the event and the video.

SAKURAGAOKA Summer Camp 2017Thank you to our wonderful guests for their spirit and kime - it was a great weekend and we are already looking forward to the new edition of the event which will take place from 15 - 17 June 2018.

Pictures from the Summer Camp now online in our Gallery.

Now online: Video of our Kangeiko 2017
Please click here...

SAKURAGAOKA Keiko Osame 2016: Please enjoy the video.

Organized by SKAI
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