Shinji Akita
6. Dan
Chief Instructor Shotokan Karate Alliance International

I was born in Gifu, Japan, in April 1965. My house was surrounded by the river and the mountains. They had been my “Dojo” and catching fish and chasing animals had been my training during childhood. I started his martial arts training in primary school, where I studied Sumo, Kendo and Judo. At the age of twelve, I was introduced to Karate by Matsuda Sensei and invited to his Dojo in Gifu where also Aragane Sensei and many other graduates from the famous Takudai Karate Club were training those days.

At the age of eighteen, I matriculated in the Takushoku University – one of the oldest universities in Japan – in Tokyo with Commerce as my major subject and joined the Takudai Karate Club. I had trained under Tsuyama Sensei until the age of twenty two. My colleagues had been Naka Sensei (JKA HQ), Taniyama Sensei (JKA HQ) and Murakami Sensei (SKI HQ). During this period, I entered many competitions (JKA and JKF) and have built the physical base of my Karate technique.

In 1988, after my graduation from university, I decided to train under Kawasoe Sensei and his members in the U.K. and became his assistant later on. I have worked with him for 15 years altogether. It has been an invaluable experience for my Karate, looking up to Kawasoe Sensei as my master who has built my base of a fundamental understanding of “Karate”

My Dojo “Takushinjuku” in West London was founded in 1994. In order to open its method to a broader public, in 2003, I established a Shotokan Karate Association in England which now expands worldwide and brings several clubs and countries together. As an international roof, I founded the Shotokan Karate-Do Alliance International e.V. (SKAI) in 2005. In 2008, I moved to Germany. My Dojo “Sakuragaoka” in Limburg (Hesse) was opened in October 2009.

I continue to train and develop my Karate skill and understanding further with my members and friends, and connecting people together. As Chief Instructor of the Shotokan Karate-Do Alliance International e.V. (SKAI), I also teach throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the World. I am interested to pass on my knowledge and skill to the Karate Ka and anyone who wishes to continue developing regardless of sex, age, nationality, race, associations etc.

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