We care for you to receive your personal product, your special Karate gi or belt.
Therefore, individual service is our top priority. 
  • HIROTA is one of the most experienced manufacture in Japan.
  • HIROTA is worn by famous masters and experienced Karate-kas around the world.
  • Our products are made and sent directly from HIROTA, Japan.
  • Personalised suits and belts, made to measure service.
  • Professional adjustment and embroidery.
  • Professional translation, your name, club, association for embroidery at no extra cost.
  • The best prices

The prices on our website apply to our European customers and include customs and import taxes (within EU). Customers from non European countries, please contact us for a quote.

How to order

1. Choose your Karate-gi or belt

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6. Send payments to us via bank transfer or Paypal*.
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7. You will receive your orders
It takes about 7 weeks once we received the payment (please expect a delivery time of currently
about 13 weeks for custom made Karate gi).

*subject to charge

Not sure which Karate gi or belt to order? Please check out the videos in our YouTube channel "Akita´s Dojo" and subscribe for further information. Just click on the images to get there.

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We have several Karate Gi and Black Belts in different lengths, widths and materials in stock.
The belts come with an orange embroidery on both ends. One side says "Karate-Do",
the other side says "Nihon Karate Kyoukai" (JKA). Please contact us for further information.