Akita´s Dojo

Shinji Akita´s Sakuragaoka Karateschule in Limburg, Deutschland. (Hügel der Kirschblüten)

Welcome to Sakuragaoka Karate Dojo Limburg

Sakuragaoka - Hill of the Cherry Blossom. In Japan, the cherry blossom symbolises the cycle of life. It also stands for modesty, an essential virtue in Karate, as well as simplicity which we want to achieve for our techniques. 

We practice Shotokan, following the principles of the founder of modern Karate, Master Funakoshi. 

Visitors are very welcome to train with us or have a look. Please contact us for further information.


Sakuragaoka Karate Dojo

at FIT FUN Sportpark Limburg

Im Finken 22 (via Robert-Bosch-Str.)

65549 Limburg, Germany


Tel. +49 611 240 930 13

Training Schedule

Tuesdays & Thurdays 

18.30 - 19.30  Children & Teenagers / Adults (9 Kyu to 6 Kyu, 12 years and older)

19.30 - 21.00  Teenagers/Adults (5 Kyu and above, 13 years and older)

How to get there

By Train (DB)
From Frankfurt/Main Airport to Limburg(Lahn) Station
1 hour 30 minutes
From Limburg(Lahn) Station to Sakuragaoka Karate Dojo
2.3km, 30 minutes on foot, 5 minutes by Taxi

By Car
From Frankfurt/Main Airport: 65km, 40 minutes
From Cologne Bonn Airport: 106km, 1 hour
From Frankfurt/Hahn Airport: 136km, 1 hour 30 minutes

Akita´s Dojo, Shinji Akita´s Channel about Shotokan Karate on YouTube.

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