Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.

Hirota´s Karate Gi

100 % cotton, ca. 14 oz

One of the first Hirota karate gi and a heavy weight, preferred especially by kata enthusiasts. Strong and firm, but it still allows you to feel your body in kihon and kumite training. The material for the MH line was developed by Hirota, based on inquiries between top instructors and athletes in order to meet every expectation of an active karateka.

Available ready-made and custom-made.

100 % cotton, ca. 12 oz

The all-rounder for all situations, kihon, kata or kumite and a dōgi with excellent price / quality ratio.

Available ready-made and custom- made.

100 % cotton, ca. 7,9 oz

Economically-priced, MH-12 is the ideal entry level model for beginners and children. A light but still durable karate gi made of pure cotton in the classical Hirota cut.

Available ready-made.


95 % polyester, 5 % elasthan
This ultra-lightweight karate gi allows high speed kumite action - Tsubasa means wing in Japanese - and provides maximum mobility. A dōgi which doesn´t stick to your skin – thanks to its special fabric structure on the inside.

Available ready-made slim cut (with high waist) and  custom-made.

Pinack Kumite
70 % cotton, 30 % polyester, ca. 11 oz

Pinack Kumite stands for a great fit, light weight, durability, mobility, and high quality. This karate gi is made of a special material which gives you the feeling of natural fibres on the skin: Inside, the thread is made of synthetic fibres, outside, it is pure cotton. This dōgi is ideal for kihon, kata and kumite.

Available ready-made, ready-made slim cut (with high waist) and custom- made.

Pinack Kata
70 % cotton, 30 % polyester, ca. 13 oz

For all fans of the premium range Pinack. Whereas Pinack Kumite is more of a lightweight, this karate gi meets the expectations of the kata specialist. About 13 ounce heavy and densely woven, this dōgi has a great fit and a lot of “snap”. Thanks to its special fabric –cotton is wrapped around the synthetic fibre – your skin is covered with a natural material. 

Only available custom-made.


65 % cotton, 35 % polyester, ca. 7,5 oz
The name says it all: Kuu – air, sky. Perfect for those karateka who want to feel their body, not their dōgi. Kuu is light but has a great fit, it is thin but very durable – thanks to its material composition and weaving technique. Ideal for kumite specialists. Also travellers will love Kuu´s light weight.

Only available custom-made.

65 % cotton, 35 % polyester, ca. 12 oz

Takumi – light but extremely stable, densely woven for the „extra snap“. Thanks to its texture, this karate gi meets the expectations of kata specialists and is also ideal for kata application. No artificial fibre touches the skin as only the inside of the thread is made of polyester, the rest is pure cotton.

Only available custom-made.

100 % cotton, ca. 14,5 oz

#163 – preferred by top athletes around the world. This premium karate gi was developed for kata specialists and stands out for its durability but unlimited mobility. #163 – strong but not too heavy, the dōgi with the “snap”.

Only available custom-made.

HIROTA Premium Karate Gi & Belts - Made in Japan

We care for you to receive your personal product, your special Karate Gi or belt. Therefore, individual service is our top priority. 

Let us know how we can help: info@shinjiakita.net

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.

Name Embroidery & Label

It is possible to have the jacket and trousers of your Karate Gi embroidered with your name. It might be a good idea to chose between the surname and forename because the space is limited. Furthermore, there is a variety of different labels. Pick the one of your association and show that you are its proud member. (WKF label only available for models Tsubasa and Takumi when Hirota´s logo is embroidered in the back and front of the jacket).

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.

Association´s Emblem

Have your Dōgi jacket at the height of the chest embroidered with the emblem of your association. (Available emblems: JKA, KWF, ISKF, SKAI etc. An embroidery with Dojo logos is not possible).

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.

Hirota Logo

You love Hirota and want to have the logo embroidered in the back under the collar or in front at  height of the chest? It is possible... Please note that you need  these embroideries for a Dōgi with WKF label (only available for Tsubasa and Takumi).

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.

Individual Length Sleeves & Trousers

In case you need extra short sleeves and trousers of your standard Karate Gi, just order it.

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.

Chest Ribbon

The ladies might be interested to have this ribbon thanks to which the Dōgi jacket stays put. Once the bow is tied, the neckline won't open up.

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.

High Waist

The Slim Cut version of Pinack Kumite und Tsubasa come with it by default. All other models have to be ordered custom made if you prefer your  Dōgi  with high waist.

Hirota´s Karate Belts

Color belts, black belts, tournament belts - there is a big variety of different obi and you can choose from different materials, lengths, widths and other specifications. 

Hirota´s color belts are made of cotton. Red, blue or reversible tournament belts can be ordered in cotton, Yohachi cotton or satin. For your Kuro Obi, you can either pick cotton, Yohachi cotton, satin or silk.

All obi have in common that there is a core made of cotton. This core is coated with the material of your choice. If you want your obi embroidered, you will see the characters or letters only on the front, not inversely on the back. This is because at Hirota, each obi is manufactured individually and your embroidery is made before the belt is sewn together. 

Have a look below which specifications are available for your Kuro Obi and tournament belt. Color belts come in normal width and standard length, you can also choose your label and embroidery. 

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.


You can choose from many different lengths, starting from 205 cm for normal wide belts and from 250 cm for extra wide belts. In case of normal belts, you have to stick to the standard sizes, if you are thinking to purchase an extra wide Obi, the length can vary in steps of 5 cm. If size 8 (325 cm) is not long enough, you can order extra centimetres (in steps of 10 cm for normal wide belts). 

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.


There are normal and extra wide belts. The former are about 4 cm wide, the latter approximately 4,5 cm. Extra wide Obi are also thicker than the normal ones. 

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.


Personalize your belt with an embroidery of your name, association or style. The choice is yours and our Japanese native speaker helps you with the translation. An embroidery with Latin letters is also possible.

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.

Thread Color

There is no rule which color to pick for the embroidery. There are multiple options: From white, orange, red to silver or gold. Many other colors are available too. 

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.


There are four different materials for black belts: Cotton, Yohachi cotton, satin and silk. Yohachi is the name for Hirota´s high quality cotton. Then, there is satin which is made of an artificial fiber. It looks quite similar to silk which is the fourth material.

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.


There are the labels of different associations like e.g. JKA, SKIF, KWF, SKAI available. Pick the one you like.

 (It is not possible to purchase an Obi without label).

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.

How to Order

1. Visit our download section where you can find information on the sizes, prices, Dōgi shrinkage, options for the embroidery etc. The prices only apply to orders within the European Union, including duties and import taxes. Customers from other countries: Please contact us for a quote.

2. Read our Terms & Conditions, Cancellation Information and Data Privacy Policy in the download section. 

3. Download the respective order form, complete and email it to info@shinjiakita.net

4. Based on your order form, we will send you our cost overview. 

5. Authorize us to process your order and send us your payment in Euro through bank transfer. 

6. Receive your order from us (only applies to customers in the European Union). The delivery time depends on the actual order volume at Hirota Japan and processing time at the shipping company. It takes about 7 week after having received your payment for standard items, custom-made Karate Gi currently take about 14 weeks. 

Any doubts or questions? Contact us as we are happy to help:


+49 611 24 09 30 13

Hirota Suits and Belts. Karate Dogi and Obi made in Japan.

If it has to be quick...

We have several Karate Gi and black belts in different lengths, widths and materials in stock.
The belts come with an orange embroidery on both ends. One side says "Karate-Do",
the other side says "Nihon Karate Kyoukai" (JKA). Please contact us for further information.

Not sure which belt or Karate Gi to order? Our videos might help:

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How to find the right size for your Karate Gi? The best way is to take measurements from your actual Dōgi. This video shows you where to put the measuring tape in order to find the right length of the seam. Already a few centimetres can change the wearing comfort noticeably.